Coccyx Rapid

Coccyx Rapid

An hour into Day Two you will come upon the biggest rapid of the day. Over the years it has become known as Coccyx Rapid, but it has also been called T-Junction, Copy’s Corner or The Ledges.

Here the river bends to the right and starts to flow over a few rocky ledges. Stay right of the centre of the river and keep the boats speed up. As the rapid progresses, the river gradually funnels into three decent size waves before flowing strongly into a left bend and washing firmly against a sandy bank. Aim for the waves “centre and square” and enjoy the ride!  If you do swim, know that it is an easy “swim and empty”.

There is a workable “sneak line” skirting to the left (or inside) of the waves at the bottom,  but is best used by K1s as the river is shallower here. The sneak channel to the left of the island is NOT an option!


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