Long course: TO BE ANNOUNCED

Short course: TO BE ANNOUNCED

INDEMNITY: I/We, by entering online, declare that I/We am/are sufficiently competent to take part in the Fish Canoe Marathon, assume all risks of participation in the Fish Marathon, release and discharge the organisers and all their assistants as well as the sponsors from all and any claims arising from loss, damage, injury or death I/we may suffer arising from my/our participation in the race, and agree to abide by all the race and CSA rules, which I/we have read and understood. I further certify that the information above is correct. Paddler will be required to sign indemnity at registration. Signature of parent or guardian in the case of persons under 18 years old .
PLEASE NOTE: By completing and submitting your race entry you acknowledge that you have read, understood and will abide by the race information and race rules.
• NO REFUNDS to entrants who for whatever reason, can no longer participate in the race.


Due to the current Covid regulations the following rules apply:

Masks/buffs MUST be worn RIGHT up until your batch is called to the water and then put back on as soon as you get off the water

Sadly no refunds will be considered.


Wild Card batch
Want to better your seeding for the Fish Marathon?

Take part in our Wild Card Batch paddle on Wednesday, 5 October 2022.
Paddlers can arrive any time between 15:00 and 16:00 at Marlow causeway to take part in the Wild Card Batch time-trial. Paddlers will be entered by the timekeeper and will set off at their own leisure.
Their individual start time will be entered by the timekeeper at Marlow and then again by the timekeeper at Rovers as they finish.
The Rules:
1. Paddlers who wish to take part must arrive at Marlow causeway anytime from 15:00 until 16:00.
2. Your CSA boat number must be on your boat to enter for the time-trail.
3. Everyone who finishes the time-trial in 45 minutes or less; or the fastest 60 boats under 45 minutes will qualify to start in the Wild Card Batch in the Fish Marathon.