Marlow Chute

Marlow Chute

Distance in: 25,4km
Grade: Easy

The chute built down the massive weir at Marlow, catches a surprisingly large number of paddlers every year! It is easily within the reach of all MarlowChute2qualified Fish paddlers, and recommended for the whole field, but can be portaged on the left bank.

Approach the weir from the right, close to the reeds. The entrance to the weir will be clearly marked by a sponsor’s banner, and should be approached at a moderate speed, making sure that you are square to the chute as you enter.

MarlowChuteThe top part of the chute has quite a marked drop and paddlers should brace themselves and be ready for any wobbles as a result. From there on you simply slide down the steps of the weir.

The chute drops off sharply at the bottom, where there are strong underwater currents boiling up from the right. This can be confusing and catches many paddlers unawares!  Be ready for a push from the right when you hit the bottom, and bear in mind that the front part of the boat will go fairly deep under water.  Once you are stable, continue paddling.

There is an island immediately below the chute, where life saver will be on hand to help you if necessary.  The official race photographers also lurk here ready to record any swims!