Gauging Weir

Gauging Weir

Distance in: 23,4km
Grade: Easy

In the winter of 2005 the department of Water Affairs rebuilt the weir, which resulted in a gGaugingWeirNEW2ently sloping chute, across most of the river.

The initial school of thought was to shoot it on the left. This has however, proved to be rocky and hard on the boats, so now the suggested line is down the centre.

Approach the weir in the center and take the drop straight on and slowly. If you entered at the right place, a tongue of water will take you quickly away from the weir.

Some die hards still opt to shoot the weir close to the left side, about a meter from the wall. This is a slightly steeper, but manageable drop with the bonus that you are very close to the bank in case of a swim!