Distance in: 5,2 km
Grade: Care should be exercised

Toastrack is a low level bridge spanning the Fish River 5.2 kilometers after the start of the first day, and 1.5 kilometers before Double Trouble.

The bridge can be shot by all entrants to the marathon, in one of two ways.

ToastrackThe traditional and safer option is to head to the right, where the flow of the river is slowed somewhat by a submerged water diversion wall. This right hand channel was made more approachable in 2010 by the removal of the reeds that used to obscure this easy approach, and safer due to the addition of a stainless steel plate that has been secured to the bridge for added protection.

The second option is faster but a bit more challenging, and involves shooting the bridge through one of the openings just left of centre.  Concentrate on keeping your boat straight and your speed up so as to avoid wrapping on the bridge pillars.

With both options, it is critical to understand the need to DUCK as you pass under the bridge. There have been serious injuries here in the past from contact with the bridge, and back paddlers in K2s and K3s must make a special effort to duck low when passing beneath this bridge.

Helmets are recommended on Day One, especially for novices.

Toastrack can be portaged on the right bank.