Charity Batch

Charity Batch

To secure a place in the limited Charity Batch paddlers will have to bid R1000 per paddler, strictly on a first come first served basis. Proceeds will go to the Cradock Cancer Care unit.

Entering the Charity Batch:
1.Enter the Race, pay your Race Fee + Charity Batch Fee
2.The Charity Batch fee is per paddler, not per boat!
3.Remember to use “CHAR + boat number” as reference on your EFT.
4.When large payments are made please send Proof of Payment together with a list of boats with their paddlers’ names and respective paddler numbers to entries@fishmarathon.org.za.
5.Charity Batch Closing date is: 4 October 2023.

Charity Batch paddlers will get an Official Pass for their vehicle to get access to areas for official vehicles only.