Louw K3 ready to master the Fish
Louw K3 ready to master the Fish

Louw K3 ready to master the Fish

After years of challenging for the Fish River Canoe Marathon title, the Louw brothers of Greg and Ryan have decided for the social approach in 2021 as they rope in Greg’s wife Cathy for a K3 expedition from 8-9 October.

The Cradock born and raised brothers are members of an important family when it comes to the Fish and given the loss of the 2020 edition of the race to the Covid-19 pandemic Greg Louw is looking forward to welcoming the paddlers back to the Klein Karoo.

“It’s going to be great having paddlers and their families back in Cradock this year,” Louw said. “Cradock has been very quiet since 2019 and we are really excited to have paddlers back in our town and I’m sure they looking forward to it.

“We did the Pre-Fish and it was awesome to be back on the river and be around people again in our boats.

“The water was a bit lower than Fish level and we realised what our fitness levels were halfway through the race but it was a great chance to take on the river.”

The Louw K3 had a successful hit-out at the Pre-Fish but with a combined total of at least 37 Fish finishes to their names experience is not an issue for the family boat when they set off next Friday.

“The K3 came about because Ryan and I are not fit enough for a K2,” Greg laughed. “We roped in Cathy who knows how to handle herself in a boat so we should be fine.

“I’ve always tried to stay away from a K3 because they are so big but the upside is that you have someone else to chat to if you have a fall-out with one of your partners!”

The question of who’s going to be steering the colossal piece of equipment down the river was answered by Greg Louw, however he’s not entirely sure if he’s going to be the actual one driving the boat.

“Well I’m going to be at the front of the boat but I know that Ryan is going to be driving the boat from the back,” he quipped.

“It’s going to be an awesome weekend and we are really excited to have everyone back in Cradock after such a long time.”

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