Lost and Found

Many things both paddling and personal were handed in to the committee. Should you wish to know if something of yours has been found – please email Olivia Moolman:secretary

1. A nikon camera lens hood. Please contact Olivia Moolman for more information.

1. Mary Barnard – “To the mixed K2 that saved a Polar Watch just below Saltpans on day one could you please contact me at 082 4966 114…..thank you”

2. Geoffrey Shein – “Did anyone pick up a pile of clothes including but not limited to a sleeping bag and a jacket with a red purse with various cards in it. Lost it this weekend and would appreciate it back.”

3. Zoe Ahrends – “I seem to have lost my black jacket containing my purse, last seen at the Craddock Spa campsite on Sunday morning around 6:30am. I am currently in Grahamstown.”

4. Anemieke Scherman – “I lost my Canon camera lens hood at Keith’s on day one. Please contact me if found.”

5.Mike Watson – “I loaned an Epic paddle to a lady at Pre-Fish. She was stuck in the “Willows” without a paddle. She apparently was paddling Hansa Fish as well. Is a relatively old paddle, but a good spare.” (081 347 4058)

6. Rohan Theunissen – “I lost a Gara 2 split paddle at Soutpans Rapid. Please call me if you may have found it.” (083 6614085)

7. Neill Wright – “I lost my two piece Max Paddle. It has my name and cell number written on both blades.” (0828243039)

8.. Nadim Nyker – I lost a split shaft Fenn 4 paddle, before the Keiths area, it has “RNS Consulting” and Dusi stickers on. I will really appreciate it if it is found and there will be a reward. 0768650112

***Should your item be listed above & it is found and returned to you, please inform us via our Facebook page so that we can remove the listing***

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