Wild Card batch

Want to improve you Batch Seeding? Come a day earlier and take part in the Time Trials on Wednesday the 5th October. The first 60 paddlers who complete the Time Trials in less than 45 minutes will qualify for this batch!

Paddlers can arrive any time between 15:00 and 16:00 at Marlow causeway to take part in the wild Card Batch time-trial. Paddlers will be entered by the timekeeper and set off at their own leisure.

Their individual start time will be entered by the timekeeper at Marlow and then again by the timekeeper at Rovers as they finish.
The Rules:
1. All paddlers that want to take part must arrive at Marlow causeway anytime from 15:00 until 16:00.
2. Your CSA boat number must be on your boat to enter for the time-trail.
3. Everyone that finishes the time-trial in 45 minutes or less, or the first 60 boats will be entered for the Wild Card Batch on the Fish Marathon.

Join us for traditional Karoo Spit and Roosterkoek at the Hansa Tent at the Cradock Sports Grounds from 15:00, with a full bar and the awesome Hofbrauhaus Oompah band helping to make sure it is a great party!


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